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Dry, Partial, or 100% Waxy Green

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

It is estimated that the corrugated industry manufactures 1,500,000 tons of wax boxes per year, using 500 million pounds of wax. Of that, close to 1,000,000 tons of wax boxes are disposed of in US landfills. Additionally, fees for non-recyclable landfill waste have increased to an unsustainable $125 per ton.

Paper based packaging is effectively recovered and utilized more than any other packaging material. The national recycling rate of paper and paperboard is currently at 75%. The 2006 recovery of old corrugated containers rose to 25.2 million tons, taking the national OCC recovery rate to 76.4%.

Many paper and paperboard mills have begun extending the types of recovered fiber they can accept. One of the most difficult materials to recover is traditional wax-coated or wax-impregnated corrugated. Residual waxes influence fiber-fiber bonding, reducing the paper properties of recycled OCC, as well as the paper machine operating efficiency. Since there lacks a standardized process to remove the wax coating, wax-coated old corrugated containers are currently not part of the paper recycling stream.

GreenLight’s UNIPAL Pallet uses fully a recyclable, fully repulpable corrugated cardboard that contains a high performance, 100% recyclable wax alternative that repels water while reducing waste throughout the supply chain. Any pallet waste produced in pallet production can be fed back into the system, collected and processed without any wax waste or disposal costs, while also returning greater recycling revenue. The wax alternative used in GreenLight’s 100% recyclable, 100% environmentally green UNIPAL Pallet is approved by the FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

greenlight_water_resistant26The bottom line:  GreenLight’s UNIPAL Pallet offers superior reliability and performance from an environmentally responsible material that can be produced dry, partial or 100% water resistant.

GreenLight Pallet believes in the power of innovation.

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