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The worlds #1 rated corrugated cardboard pallet The Right Choice! UNIPAL is a modular system to manufacture corrugated pallets. The unique construction consisting of stringers and cross-stringers provides an outstanding beam strength in all directions. UNIPAL comes with or without a top sheet, depending on your requirements.
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Pallet Debate Still on Fire; Risk to Food Supply Now in Dispute

Plastic Pallets: From Fire Hazard to Toxic Platform?

A Green Spot in Portland's Economy
“It’s a perfect time to transition into the Portland market,” says Jon Girod, GreenLight’s founding member. “Our product is 100% green and fulfills our customers’ growing need for increased supply chain efficiency at a reduced cost, while also achieving environmental and health and safety targets unfulfilled by wood pallets. The fact that the UNIPAL Pallet meets all new export regulations and packaging requirements for international shipping provides the perfect solution for today’s manufacturers and retailers.”

The most innovative supply chain solution!

Pallets move the world

Too many trees are falling

Bark-Free Pallets? The Issue Facing the World's Wooden Pallet Industry

Researchers Consider Extending ISPM-15 Rule

a.)     International leaders are considering extending ISPM-15 to include the treatment of “raw logs and lumber”. What this would do is to increase the cost of this material significantly, and have a very negative impact on the use of imported lumber for the manufacture of wooden pallets. Consider the fact that many countries around the world import a majority (and in some cases all) lumber used to make pallets in country. Even the U.S and Canada uses import lumber to make pallets.

b.)     With the Europeans adoption of the “No Bark Rule”, it now appears this rule will be adopted by all member countries of the ISPM-15 community by April 2010. This will certainly add to the difficulties many countries currently have in complying with the Rule.

Governments Seek to End ISPM-15 Exception; EAB Discoveries Mount

a.)     Canada and the U.S. are moving forward with the proposed removal of the exception to the ISPM-15 Rule. Too many pests have been found to be moving between the countries and each country recognizes it must protect its respective forests.

b.)     The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been discovered in more states and this is really becoming a concern nationwide. If not checked, the U.S. Forest Service has sounded the alarm  we could face a situation whereby “all” Ash trees are destroyed in the U.S. Ash is a very valuable source of quality lumber and we all know once this possibility is picked up by Congress and the Media, we will not be far off from banning the importation of all Solid Wood Packaging Materials (includes Pallets) as has been put forth in a lawsuit filed against the USDA by the Attorney Generals of the States of; California, Illinois, New York and Connecticut.