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The worlds #1 rated corrugated cardboard pallet The Right Choice! UNIPAL is a modular system to manufacture corrugated pallets. The unique construction consisting of stringers and cross-stringers provides an outstanding beam strength in all directions. UNIPAL comes with or without a top sheet, depending on your requirements.
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The most innovative supply chain solution!

OscarGreen Light Pallet Company believes in the power of innovation. Increased stringency in regulations and other hurdles that are governing the use of wooden pallets today led to the decision to enter the market of alternative pallets. With UNIPAL, the first branded pallet worldwide, Green Light Pallet Company offers a viable solution to these new challenges.

Unipal’s latest news is the “Oscar of Emballage”, the coveted award bestowed to UNIPAL during the Salon Emballage, held in Paris in November 2004. UNIPAL was awarded the prize for having the most innovative supply chain solution.

Because of its unique design UNIPAL outperforms all other corrugated pallets on the market today. In fact, UNIPAL’s flexible construction enables a large variety of sizes and 2-or 4-way entry solutions. The UNIPAL pallet unites strong performance and light weight into one innovative product. It guarantees easy and safe handling without any mechanical assistance. UNIPAL meets all packaging requirements (phytosanitary measures ISPM 15) for today’s international shipping as well as cleanness regulations. As a printed pallet UNIPAL can carry not only your product but also your message out to the world. The possibility of assembling UNIPAL pallets at the point of use provides important transport and storage advantages. Over and above that, by using UNIPAL you will be choosing an environmentally friendly way of doing business.

Furthermore, UNIPAL is future-oriented, offering promising potential for radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging, as well as innovative solutions combining pallets and corrugated containers. In addition, the UNIPAL pallet members can be used for many packaging needs such as dunnage and internal packaging support of the product being transported. Further evidence of innovative thinking at Green Light Pallet Company is the recently developed UNIPAL frame. Its unique design enables Green Light Pallet Company to flexibly adapt to its customers´ needs.

Innovative thinking really pays off – looking ahead and trying to satisfy the customers´ increasingly challenging needs brings Green Light Pallet Company closer to its goal of becoming a global leader in the corrugated pallets market.